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    Tomb of the Actress Jana Rybářová (1957)

    An open-minded visitor to the one of the oldest cemeteries in Prague – Vyšehrad – cannot pass by without noticing this sculpture of the tragically deceased actress Jana Rybářová (mounted on November 6, 1960). The author sculpted a portrait of the actress that resounds with the sensibility of the Czech poet František Šrámek, which is reminiscent of the film Silver Wind (Stříbrný vítr) in which she played one of her best parts. A girl’s curvaceous and seated body reveals the fragility of a youthful attitude to goodness and beauty. A delineated face fringed with knotted hair reacts responsively to her soulfulness. With her scrutinizing, melancholic look, expressed also by the meditative gesture of her left palm, she aims to find an everlasting answer to the meaning of human life.

    Tomb of the Actress Jana Rybářová

    Tomb of the Actress Jana Rybářová

    Tomb of the Actress Jana Rybářová, v. 93 cm, bronze

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